Weekend hike

Weekend Hike the Way to Burn Extra Calories

Health is one of the most fundamental human core aspects. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to maintain our health probably due to busy weekly work schedules. This, however, should not worry us because there are weekends. Weekends are when most of us tend to relax after a strenuous week of hard work. Although one might want to spend all weekend catching up on latest movies or TV shows, a weekend hike would be most prudent. To say that the health benefits of hiking are many is an understatement. A weekend hike will do more than just burning calories. It will tone your body and increase fitness. Not only is hiking, relaxing but it also relieves a lot of stress. Hiking can also increase creativity and promote social bonds should one decide to do it as a group activity. Other benefits of hiking are that it exercises our cardio-vascular muscles and reduces the risks of illnesses such as diabetes and even heart attacks. Go hiking this weekend!

Fitness vacations Canada

Fitness vacations Canada: How to stay fit while you travel

With health and fitness being words that are punted around in the 21st century, lounging around a pool on holiday has been pushed aside for many holidaymakers. They want action all the way, and fitness vacations Canada include the likes of disappearing for a week or two and returning home again leaner, meaner and far more attractive to the eye. Some of these fitness vacations Canada include yoga and spa treatments – the idea is to get hold of your Fitness Travel company and see what they can plan for your health-and-fitness holiday. There are many exercises you can do while you’re on holiday. Even if you’re used to going to a gym, there are lots of new Exercises you can do while you travel that are just waiting to be discovered and which don’t require weights and treadmills. Do research carefully because there are even travel companies who arrange exclusive and personalised fitness holidays for you that can be tailored specifically to your fitness goals.

Fitness questions to ask that will help you find the perfect exercise regimen

Fitness questions to ask

When you want to lose weight and feel healthier, you’ll have some fitness questions to ask. This is because having a balance of strength training and proper nutrition is important. But how do you pick a trainer that is right for you – one that can give you sound information on how to get back in shape before the holidays start? How often should you train and what is metabolism? You’ve heard about creating a metabolic spike, but how do you get into a structured fitness routine? Fitness questions to ask will also go around weight management, but you will want to know how to keep the weight off and to achieve this, how do you turn your body into a fat-burning machine? You have to pick a trainer who is clued up about the correct nutrition that you should be getting. Your BMR or basal metabolic rate is the major calorie burner and not just exercise. In fact, your BMR accounts for 65% of the calories you burn every day and exercise just 25%. Apart from helping with- and preventing the onset of diabetes, getting fit can improve self-esteem, elevate mood and improve sleep patterns.

Sports fitness tracker

The best sports fitness trackers to use

I love tools for performance. With sport these trackers you can know if you are training at the right level. For instance with a heart sports fitness tracker, as your fitness level increases, your exercising heart rate decreases and then you know you have to increase the level of exercise to attain the same heart rate. Heart rate monitors are useful for regular recreational walkers as well as endurance athletes. The best sports fitness tracker for you will be based on your particular needs. If you get a loan at ferratum.ca you can easily invest in these popular and very convenient wristband-type trackers which have built-in optical heart rate monitors for instance. The Apple Watch has an optical heart rate monitor and so does the Fitbit Surge. There are special waterproof trackers for swimmers like the TomTom MultiSport and if you’re a runner whose constantly looking at distance, time and pace, then you’ll want to look at the Garmin Forerunner 735XT.

Cycling, Don’t Count it Out!

Cycling for fun and health

Cycling is often overlooked in lieu of more traditional transport, and that is a trend which hurts both the individual and society. Cycling instead of driving can not only help you save money, but can also be an enormous boon to your health. An issue that commonly stands in the way of this course of action is the poor adaption of the relevant systems by local government, fortunately enthusiasts recently had a thought to combat this problem.

A recently invented Cycling App helps cities plan better cycling routes by identifying roads and areas that could benefit from additional cycling routes.

Apps like this are becoming a more common tool for city planners. They help not only the feasibility of taking cycles instead of powered transport, but also increase the safety margin for the riders, effectively allowing them more space to avoid the drivers who control several tons of moving metal and plastic. With climate change and other environmental effects becoming an increased concern the world over, expect to see programs like this more commonly adopted, and better utilized, towards the future.

Health fitness – running for your mind

Health fitness

Hi Guys! As promised, here I am talking about the health fitness benefits of running for your mind. We already talked about health fitness benefits your body gets by running and now we will continue with how your mind benefits when you run. Stress is a buzzword these days and runners have discovered how awesome running is for dealing with stress. If you are feeling uptight, irritable or lonely, go for a run. Exercise such as running is an excellent method of helping to reduce stress. Remember to run regularly to help manage your stress and keep your body fit and healthy. One of the many advantages of running is that there are added benefits too. Becoming fit, losing weight and having a new purpose in life is therapeutic. Many times our thoughts are a product of our environment. Being constantly surrounded by negative people in small environments can gradually take its toll on you, you can start to to think negatively. If you are able to, getting out of a negative environment can be hugely helpful. Going for a run alone and away from that environment can do wonders. Conversely the opposite is true also, running with colleagues, acquaintances and friends is very therapeutic and there can be a challenge component to it that can be very positive. There is a lot more to discuss, but let us continue in a future post…

Yoga for Calming you Down


Life is so hectic and in a world that never stops, it can be difficult to find time for yourself but you have to if you don’t want to get seriously ill. Like so many others – I have to literally force myself to just sit down and relax a bit. I’ve neglected my yoga too, and decided to actually set aside time to take it up again. I live that yoga represents calmness. If the mind is continuously restless and out of sorts, then your health suffers. If the body is sick, the mind is affected in a negative way. The connection between breathing and the mind is actually the most basic principle of yoga and having control over breathing can improve digestion, clear the lymph of toxin and simply enhance your immune system.

Yoga for Calming you Down

I used to go to yoga classes and I found it pretty useful for coping with anxiety too. I can’t tell you enough about the benefits of yoga . It is a wonderful healing and relaxing method that is great for people of all ages, male and female. You don’t even have to be particularly fit to get started with it either. Ask at your local health shop or library about good yoga teachers or classes in your area.

Mediterranean type diet for Longer Life?

As I’ve said travel intrigues me, and keeping fit as well, and between the two, I’ve had to wonder what makes the French outlive us, and recently I read somewhere that the French outlive Americans by more than 4 years. They also suffer less than half as much coronary heart disease, and yet they smoke and drink more. The healthiest diet the French resembles what is apparently known as a Mediterranean diet – fibre, vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables and olive oil to replace butter and margarine. I don’t suppose eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables is new information to anyone, we all know this – its common sense really. Still, the relationship between die and disease hasn’t yet sunk it with everyone yet.

raw food- secret to great health

What I’ve discovered is that most of the French still eat in the traditional way, that’s all. They also know the secret of moderation and eating slowly. Especially the affluent could look at cutting back on red meat, butter and milk . Basically good nutrition means obeying the rules our grandmothers taught us – to eat food more in its rough, raw form, and to avoid processed foods. It’s what I always say – when it comes to food, its time for us to go back to the past .

Get Physical in other Ways Too


As I’ve said I work hard and I play hard too. I know it is necessary to earn money, but I also know money is of no use, if you dont enjoy it, and if you ignore you health in pursuit of earning more and more. My love for travelling has given me one or two problems I’d prefer not to think about. Getting around and experiencing news places and new countries has meant a bit of added weight. This is terrible news for me, especially as I measure my weight gain by my favourite pair of jeans. These had got decidedly way too tight for my liking. I am a fitness freak, and decided that waiting for a workout-session was a wait too long. I’ve decided to put more energy into everyday things when I get the chance – those mundane household chores – sweeping, making beds and gardening. It is unbelievable to discover that I had increased my energy expenditure by more than 1 000 kilojoules a week!


Even small changes in routine, like parking further away in the car park has made a difference. Look, if you are basically a non-exerciser, take up things you used to do as a kid, like swimming, cycling...in between my kettlebell training, yoga and jogging, I’ve found lots of other ways to get physical, and its paying off…I’m shedding that excess weight!

Advantages – Kettlebell Training

As promised in last post, here we continue with ketllebell training and its advantages

While the advantages of Kettlebell trainings are many, some of them are:

  • Easier movement in daily chores: As the muscle movements involved are very similar to the one while doing regular activities, it will help build stamina to perform daily activities with ease.
  • Perfectly toned body: The three-dimensional movements during the kettlebell exercises involves regulating momentum while changing direction which carve the bigger muscles such as the legs and butt as well as smaller muscles like that of abdomen.
  • Weight loss in minutes: It aids in faster weight loss. The vigorous movements work on all the muscles of the body and the exercises have the ability to burn about 20 calories in just a minute.
  • Increases stamina: Regular sessions of kettlebell help one to build endurance. The strength of multiple muscle group combined with momentum helps to boost one’s weight handling capacity.
  • Better posture: Improves one’s posture as the exercises demand that one’s back and abs stay absolutely straight and the movement is facilitated by hips or the crease of the legs.
  • Simple and inexpensive: It is a simplified workout regime, highly recommended by fitness guides, as one does not have to shell out on high-tech machines, equipments or weights.


Before beginning the exercise one must ensure:

  • Warming up with a short 10 minute light cardio exercise to prepare the body
  • Perform 1-3 sets of each exercise with a gap of 30-60 seconds
  • Begin with a lighter weight for practicing the exercises and graduate up to a heavier weight after gaining expertise at the movements.
  • Avoiding any kind of exercise that causes discomfort, injury or pain and always performing the exercising under supervision of a certified trainer or a fitness guide.
  • Women with back and shoulder problems, or a weak core should consult a physician before embarking on this new regime.

Thus, kettlebell training is a holistic regime that carves out the body while building strength and endurance, and fulfills the ever-chased dream of attaining a figure that can give top shot celebrities a run for their money.